Help available to low income famillies

School clothing grant: will be worth a minimum of £100 per year from 2018/19.  Visit to find out about eligibility and apply online. You can also apply by post and  only one application is required per family. Apply by 30th June to ensure your application is processed before the start  of the summer term.

Free school meals: eligibility and the application form can be found at:  One application per family is required and can be submitted at the school or Marischall College.

Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) : £30 a week payable to eligible pupils who stay on past their official school leaving date.  The family income threshold for this is higher than for free school meals and clothing grants.  For further information see:  Application forms will be available online and from Marishall College in the near future.  Applications are made by post to Marischall College.

Parent Council Aberdeen Grammar School